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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience before booking a driving lesson?

No, you don’t. Some People come to us having had a few lessons from family or friends, most people have no experience. It’s better to hire a professional driving instructor to ensure you know the correct road rules and best practices in driving.


Do I need to speak English?

No. We’ve taught people that don’t speak English. They need to learn just a few words associated with driving, such as “brake!”.


Can I get refresher lessons?

Yes, the lessons are the same. If you haven’t driven for some time and have lost your confidence on the road, it’s a really good idea to book in for a few lessons to regain that confidence.


What type of cars does Polo Driving School operate?

We have automatic cars available with dual controls on the instructor’s side enabling us to help if required and to assist with your learning.


What times and days are the lessons available?

Lessons are available seven days a week from 9am to 7pm.


How long does each car driving lesson go for?

Driving lessons last for 60 mins.


Which locations do you offer driving lessons?

We only offer in Auckland area.


Are all your cars dual-controlled?

Yes, we provide driving lessons in dual controlled vehicles.


Do you provide a car for the driving test?

Yes, we provide the automatic car for the driving test.


Can I use my own car for driving training?

Yes, we provide driving lessons in dual controlled vehicles.

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