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Driving Lessons for People with Disabilities

Our Special Car Modifications


We are the only driving school in the Auckland region that is equipped with modifications and expertise to assist physically challenged individuals to regain independence.

Fadiel Italiana - Combined break and accelerator


Braking with assurance and accelerating effortlessly. Never before has a brake level combined the function of such easy, smooth and safe acceleration. Thanks to the unique design, both hands can safely remain on the steering wheel while maintaining accelerator control.

  • Greater sensitivity when braking

  • Smooth acceleration with minimal fatigue

  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism

  • Brake locking function reduces fatigue

  • Easy height and angle adjustment

  • Left and right-hand versions

  • Changeable end knob for greater customisation

  • Knee airbag compatibility

  • Brake locking function, warning light and horn

  • Integrated keypad (optional) providing control for lights, indicators, and horn. Can-Bus compatibility

  • Easy height and angle adjustment

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021 294 3418

The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator


 The Long Arm Brake and Accelerator combines the two functions in one device. Designed specifically with the needs of the quadriplegic in mind – reduced brake effort and controlled/balanced acceleration.


The reduced braking effort is achieved thanks to the design of the lever and the additional leverage. Acceleration is activated by tilting the lever down – radial style.  The angle of the lever operating the accelerator can be adjusted to the needs of the user along with the effort required in the turning action. Intended to be customised for the user.


Manufactured by Fadiel Italiana, the Long Arm Brake & Accelerator highlights another well-designed product.



  • Reduced braking effort via improved leverage

  • Adjustable acceleration angle

  • Balanced acceleration with minimal fatigue

  • Acceleration safety cut-out mechanism

  • Ergonomic design ensures easy button activation

  • Electronic brake locking function

  • Easy height and angle adjustment

  • Knee airbag compatible

  • Left and right-hand versions

  • Tested and certified to Australian and NZ standards


Book your trial by calling us at

021 294 3418

Pricing and Rates


Please arrange an appointment with the driving instructor to find out the cost.

Before Driving, You Should:

Apply for medical

You have to confirm that you are medically fit each time you apply for, renew or replace your driver licence. This may simply involve signing the declaration on the licence application form. But you may need to present a medical or eyesight certificate. Find out more

Contact occupational therapist and vehicle modification company

Sometimes an occupational therapist check is required. The doctor may refer you to an occupational therapist for a driving assessment.

You might require modifications to your vehicle as a driver, or passenger. The companies below can assess your situation and your vehicle to help find the right solution and can arrange the modifications.

Occupational Therapist 
Go Able 

Yes Disability Resource Center 

Yes Disability 

Car Modification Companies 
Total Ability 
Rod Milner Motors 
Jackson Mobility 

RB Systems 
+64 21 034 3185

Contact Polo Driving for your driving training

Once you are done with the medical assessment and vehicle modification, you can contact us to Book an Appointment

Please take note all car modifications have been certified by the NZ Transport Agency

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