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About Polo Driving

Edin has twenty years of experience as driver instructor. He has worked passionately and extensively with people from all walks of life. His expertise and his patient approach make him an excellent choice when choosing a driving instructor. His experience is multi-faceted and extends further outward as he has encompassed and has developed his instructor training to the elderly, physically impaired, and mentally challenged and accident rehabilitation people.

Edin has been trained as an instructor in 2001 and has been working independently as the owner of Polo Driving School. In the past ten years, he has also worked with Driver Assessment Service.

Meet the Driving Instructor

Edin Dzebhanic

He is very passionate in regards to the needs of his clientele; He is also patient and considerate to the varying needs of each of his clients. He listens attentively to them, addresses their fears and uncertainties, and help reduce their anxiety levels with regards to learning to drive. He is able to motivate his clients and help them achieve independence again.

From Montenegro to Mount Wellington, the story of Disability Driving Instructor Edin Dzebhanic

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